Arcane Academy: The Divine Extraction Legacy

Chapter 499 Complete Transaction
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Chapter 499 Complete Transaction

'He probably can't use the items effectively, so he's selling it…' Karl commented in his mind before he proceeded to showcase the prized possessions of their store to Eustace.

They were the highest quality Beast Summoning Scrolls.

Although they were only classified as High-Grade Mortal Rank Items, they were still incredibly useful.

These scrolls had the remarkable ability to summon 10 powerful Beasts.

Depending on the specific summoning scroll, these creatures could serve as 10 Beast Scouts for reconnaissance, 10 Ferocious Beasts capable of fearlessly attacking targets even at the cost of their own lives, or 10 Clone Beasts skilled in carrying the scent and aura of their summoner, effectively functioning as decoys.

"Oh... I had no idea such things existed." Eustace whispered, genuinely impressed by their capabilities.

Moreover, he discovered that these scrolls were reasonably priced, making them even more enticing. Eustace contemplated that there might come a time when he would require such scrolls. Given their efficiency and low energy requirements for activation, even a first-year student at the Academy could utilize them effectively. However, he decided to postpone his decision and instead turned to Karl with inquiries about other items available.

In any case, it had been some time when he could freely do something like this so he might as well take his time.

Furthermore, his Human Shapeshift could already last as long as his Phantasm State.


After reaching this thought, Eustace had an idea and asked Karl.

"Do you have an item that I can use to conceal my identity?"

Recognizing Eustace's interest, Karl smiled knowingly. "I see you have plans to venture into the Black Market. We do have an item that I can recommend, one that is highly sought after by the market's inhabitants." With a swift motion, Karl retrieved a small box from a drawer behind the counter.

"This particular item has a fixed price of 5,000 zen." Karl stated, presenting it to Eustace.

Eustance found it amusing that Karl immediately assumed he would use it to visit the Black Market. Anyway, he didn't mind this misunderstanding as his curiosity was piqued.

"What exactly is this item?" He asked.

"It is a necklace designed to conceal one's true voice and alter one's facial appearance, allowing for a disguise. However, it does not affect the wearer's physical attributes. What's good about this is that its negative effects would only appear if you wear this for more than six hours… It's itchiness in your eyes that could last for six days. It's not a big deal since it can be easily avoided. Lastly, it has a low maintenance cost as well. You only have to expose it to the sun for a few hours once a month. If it's winter and there's no sun, you have to return it inside this box and seal it." Karl explained.

Seeing that Eustace was listening attentively, he continued.

"If you have intentions of engaging in potentially dubious transactions within the Black Market, it is advisable to participate in their auctions. This way, your identity remains protected by a few layers."

A glimmer of interest flickered in Eustace's eyes as he absorbed this information. The necklace wasn't absurd, so he already liked it. As for the auction, he wasn't too sure, but he might as well check it out.

"There's an auction within the Black Market?" He asked, his curiosity growing.

"Yes, indeed. There is only one auction held in the heart of the Black Market. If you have yet to experience it... well, let's just say it's quite an experience… It's a bit difficult to contact their middleman though." Karl hinted with a mischievous smile.

Eustace caught onto Karl's implications immediately. It became obvious that Karl, not being an Arcanist, faced his own challenges and sought alternative means to earn a livelihood.

Eustace smiled and decided to extend a gesture of goodwill. "I don't have much cash on me since you haven't paid me yet, but perhaps this potion would be of value…" Eustace said, revealing a vial of potion from his belongings.

The Energy Potion held little significance to Eustace, making it an easy exchange.

Karl's eyes brightened with appreciation as he accepted the potion without requiring an appraisal. Karl was happy since it would help him build his savings, bringing him closer to acquiring the coveted Beast Totem for his journey as a Rogue Arcanist.

"Thank you for your generosity…" Karl expressed gratefully. "You may have heard that the Black Market is situated beneath the city's largest tavern. However, the entrance fee there is overpriced. Sir Emory informed me that you can gain access through the Gold Club."

"Gold Club?" Eustace asked.

"Ahem… It's a fancy brothel for nobles. If you inform them that you are to sell valuable items in the Black Market, they will check them for you and if they are indeed items of high quality, you will have free access to the Black Market and your identity will be a lot safer. All cities with Gold Clubs should have this same function."

"It's impressive you have access to such information..." Eustace commented.

"Of course… I've been serving a few Arcanists before. Ahem… Now that it's settled, I can give you 12 scrolls with 4 of each type that we have, including this necklace. I will also add three Blank Scrolls." Karl said.

"I don't need Blank Scrolls… I can't make scrolls." Eustace immediately said.

Karl smiled at this.

"It's not quite as you think. These scrolls are actually designed to store and preserve your Arcane Energy." Karl clarified, eager to dispel any misconceptions.

"Typically, we offer these as complimentary gifts to our customers when they make substantial purchases. However, we haven't had many customers in the past few days, so you can simply have them. Consider it a gesture from the store... All I have to do is to refrain from giving away freebies to future customers." Karl explained with a lighthearted chuckle.

"Is that so?"

Eustace nodded in appreciation…

They soon completed the transaction as Eustace gained 20 thousand zen and the items he got from the store.

With a final exchange of gratitude, Eustace wore the Altering Necklace he just bought and bid farewell to Karl.

Upon stepping out, he immediately became aware of the extensive mobilization of people scouring the city in search of the elusive Crimson Imp.

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