Godlike Player in a Game-Like World

Godlike Player in a Game-Like World

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    Raydon stared dazedly at the holographic texts floating in front of his eyes.

    “How did I end up in such an event?”

    [Planet]: B7890-D4850

    [Race]: Human

    [Name]: Raydon Demugen

    [Title]: N/A

    [HP]: N/A

    [MP]: N/A

    [Strength]: N/A

    [Agility]: N/A

    [Stamina]: N/A

    [Luck]: N/A

    [Charisma]: N/A

    [Spirit]: N/A

    [Magic Equipment(s)]: N/A

    [Body enchantment(s)]: N/A

    [Dimensional Storage]: N/A

    [Time until awakening: 00:16:30]


    In a world with advanced technology and full-dive VR games, Raydon is the only person who has earned the “God” title thanks to his accomplishments and talent in games.

    But, due to some unexpected events, he lost his life and awoke in a different world.

    In this world, which appears to be similar to his own, he discovered that there are awakened people known as Item Holders.

    He soon became an item holder himself and started taking part in matches against other worlds to level up and get items with different skills.

    Using the abilities and knowledge that had given him the “God” title in his previous life, he started to make strides toward becoming a true God in this world.

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