I Have A Game Clone

I Have A Game Clone

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    Ning Shi, a man from Saturn, accidentally downloaded a game on his phone called the Age of All.

    “Beep! Clone successfully created!”

    Ning Shi received a clone in the game. Whenever his clone got stronger, his real self would get stronger as well.

    “Your clone has trained in the training room for 12 hours. Vitality +1, Mentality +1.”

    “Your clone has slain the Earth-Dragon. You have received the Earth-Dragon Bloodline.”

    “Your clone has consumed the Charm Fruit. Beauty +10.”

    His clone started to conquer the game, created his own faction, and left a legacy.

    “Your clone has successfully won the heart of Alice the Rose Duchess. Alice will be arriving in your world shortly. Please be mindful of your surroundings.”

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