My Vampire System

Chapter 2543 Everyone Changing
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Chapter 2543 Everyone Changing

Inside the large manor, there was a large entertainment area filled with bars, a pool table, and a huge wide-open window that let the light into the room. It opened up and allowed them to go out onto the patio that led to the garden.

Here, there were plenty of seats as well. As soon as Quinn entered, nearly everyone at the party wanted to talk to him and went up to him. He mingled with them all, as there were people from all over that he had formed relationships with.

After eventually talking to everyone, or at least offering his greetings, he decided to head outside in the sun. He placed his hand over his eyes slightly.

"It's been a long time since that first system message just before I got on that bus, huh?" Quinn thought to himself.

He saw a few empty seats and sat down. There was no one else next to him, that was until quite a few people decided to come over.

"Hey, you don't mind if we join you, right?" a blonde-haired middle-aged man asked, who looked close to being in his thirties. He held a drink in his hand, and he wasn't the only one there.

Sitting in the seats around him were Sil, Shiro, Logan, Chris, and eventually, Peter had managed to get away from a bunch of people as well and joined them.

As for Shiro, he soon switched who was in control of his body, and now it was none other than Vorden.

"It's been an entire year, and there have been no problems," Vorden said, lifting up his drink. "I think we should offer cheers to Quinn!"

The others agreed, and Quinn went along with them, lifting up his glass.

"Has it really been a year already?" Peter asked. "Time is moving too quickly. Back when I was a Whyte, sometimes it felt like time wasn't moving at all."

"Of course, time is moving quickly for us all now," Logan stated. "We have lived for thousands of years more than we originally should have."

"But it's the first time that we can enjoy it like this together," Chris said. "Before, we would have to worry about the incidents with the vampires, Pure trying to take control, and the old military being abusive with their power."

"Ah yes, thanks to Truedream," Quinn said. "Although you also forgot the Dalki were a major problem as well."

What they were all saying was true. Earth had been peaceful, more peaceful than it ever had been. Humans were focusing on rebuilding. The abuse of powers wasn't widely used as before. Of course, there were the odd crimes here and there, but they were small and stopped fairly quickly.

"The Celestials seem to have kept their word as well; they haven't bothered us at all, and from the looks of it, they have no reason to. I can finally start relaxing," Quinn said.

Everyone was happy for him. He had been through a lot, and not just him, but all of them, and during that time, they had lost a lot as well. They had lost many of those close to them that they should never forget about.

Arthur, Helen, Richard, and even more. In some ways, Quinn was happy that Immortui had done what he had done at that time, because it had given him a chance to say goodbye to them and see them.

"Although I didn't really get to see Helen, I was sure she was there as well," Quinn thought.

The group continued to discuss what they had done and plans for what to do next. Nearly all of them lived together and would meet up regularly. When they did meet up, they would mostly talk about the old days.

However, as time went on, they knew it would be harder as they started to focus on their families. Still, they could then get together and have their children play. Eventually, as the party was coming to an end, Logan started to change the topic somewhat.

"I have a special announcement that I would like to make," Logan replied. "I have been creating a special AI tool that will be able to run Green City and also predict the best improvements for the city. It should be able to fully function in the near future as it continues to learn. Essentially, it will be able to do everything that I do as the mayor."

"You should be careful," Vorden commented. "If you make a robot that good, then you'll be out of the job."

"And that is the plan," Logan replied back. "Me and Vicky have lived a long time, and we have enjoyed it, but eventually, we will decide that it is time for us to leave this place. Having experienced everything we have done and doing everything that we need to do."

The mood had turned slightly somber after Logan had made the announcement, and it made sense to them all. Logan had been living a life for a thousand years while Quinn and Peter were trapped.

It wasn't just him, but it was the same for Sil as well. When losing his powers that day after the fight with Immortui, he didn't even attempt to get them back. Instead, Sil wished to age; he wished for his life to have an end.

It was strange, but after realizing that there was an end, Sil wanted to experience it. Rather than living on forever and trying to protect the world from their troubles. There was always going to be others in their place to do such a thing.

It was the same for Peter as well. No longer a Whyte, he was making the most of his time with his family, trying to enjoy it to the fullest. Thinking about all of this, Quinn turned his head to look at his family—Layla, Minny, and Galen.

All three of them, in just a year, he had noticed the changes that they were going through, but looking at himself, nothing had changed about him, not a single thing.

"I'm... completely different compared to the rest."



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