Reincarnated as a Failed Villain: Fallen Angel

Reincarnated as a Failed Villain: Fallen Angel

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    After getting shot, Lucas, a serial killer, reincarnated into the novel world as a tragic villain with the same name, Lucas Ciffer.

    Lucas Ciffer was supposed to be the Holy Kingdom's successor to the throne, but his demonic appearance and the powers he possessed terrified the entire kingdom. A white-haired boy with red eyes and pale skin, together with his dark powers, got persecuted and exiled by his own family. Not to mention that in the future he was destined to die by the hand of the hero.

    Lucas fell from holiness, and, with the serial killer's bloodlust and knowledge of the future, he decided to prove the world right.

    Yes. I could be a villain; no, in fact, I WILL BE THE VILLAIN.

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