Reincarnated as a second generation villain

Reincarnated as a second generation villain

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    What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Villain'? Evil, cruel, cunning? So true.

    But what if the main character in this novel is reincarnated as a villain? Can he kill the protagonist who has endless plot armor?

    Zhou Yuan had to accept the fact that he had reincarnated into the world of the cultivation novels he had read in his previous life.

    He realized that his identity was extraordinary.

    Father is a CEO and Mayor, Mother is the Chairman of a famous company, and Grandfather is a national hero.

    Zhou Yuan was excited, but that all changed when he realized that his role was that of the villain.

    “Shit, am I going to die? No, then I will become the villain who rules the world!”

    Not being reckless, Zhou Yuan got help from the system.

    [Ding, you got a starter gift pack]

    [Congratulations, you got a high-level cultivation talent]

    [Congratulations, your luck increased +20]

    [Congratulations, you got a high-level medical technique]

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