Supreme Ruler: Reincarnated as the Emperor's Bastard Son

Supreme Ruler: Reincarnated as the Emperor's Bastard Son

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    “Remember this, Ashoka. The Right to the throne belongs to the strong. The strong own everything, including the lives of others”

    The Sage of Wisdom, Chanakya said as he handed a wooden sword to Ashoka.

    Murdering his father for reasons unbeknown and being judged to death by the law at the early age of 21, Ashoka closed his eyes with a smile in his previous life.

    But what he didn’t expect was that he would find himself in the body of an infant after his death, and not just any infant but the bastard son of the Emperor of the Great Mauryan Empire.

    Growing up in a completely new world where the common sense of Earth didn't work, Ashoka decides to lead this life peacefully.

    But in the situation where his brothers and sisters were constantly at his throat, and the fight for the throne was ever so intense, can he really do that?

    In this world of sword and Magic, where Sword masters roam and Great Magicians run wild, the tale of the Emperor’s bastard son toward the path of the Supreme Ruler is about to begin!

    Follow him as he encounters the trials and variables in these unknown lands….

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