The Alliance Marriage Went Wrong

The Alliance Marriage Went Wrong

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    Whoever insult the Jerivians is insulting my fiancee and insulting my fiancee is insulting me.

    An alliance marriage was arranged between two rival Kingdoms – Qalagon and Jerivia. The agreement was that the Crown Prince of Qalagon will marry the Princess of Jerivia.

    But due to an assassination attempt, the Princess of Jerivia was in a coma just weeks before the wedding. If the alliance marriage fails, then what awaits the two Kingdoms was an unprepared war.

    The female Army Commander of Jerivia Kingdom was tasked to take on the identity of the Princess and fulfil the alliance marriage.

    As such, the infamous Commander of Jerivia, Iria Alewine disguised herself as the Princess and meet the aloof yet powerful Crown Prince of Qalagon, Arin Helev…..

    No less than three months and no more than six months. We need just that, Commander Iria. Stay at Qalagon as the Crown Prince's wife during that and when you come back, you will lead the soldiers to fight the Qalagons.

    This was the original plan but what will happen if an unlikely romance sparked between the two? Will Commander Iria be able to follow the original plan?

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