The Devil's Temptation!

The Devil's Temptation!

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    Born with an inauspicious birthmark on her forehead, Annalise finds out that she doesn’t have long to live.

    Her determination to uncover the history behind her birthmark and get rid of it before her death day made her stumble into a temple, accidentally awakening the demon which had been sealed within but how could she have foreseen that her desperation would lead her to an even greater doom?

    The prince of darkness, the most powerful, feared and merciless Roshan Arlow is finally back! With only one aim in mind and it screams vengeance!

    But when a certain human keeps meddling with the affairs of his plans, he has to decide between getting rid of her or making her a pawn to his endless game.

    Anna is desperate for the cure and even agrees to a game of foreplay one certain night.

    But what happens when the demon starts to find her a little…. tempting?

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